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How We Started!

In 2014 ZX walked through time and space and at the end of 2020 he reappeared, landing in a new dimension. The soundwaves from something unknown had opened a portal releasing ZX

With the sounds of ZX's electronic music and the mix of soundwaves discovered within the dimensions, he uses this combination to tell you the stories of his adventures and encounters that he faces throughout his dimension travels. Along the way he befriends fellow jumpers as they find their way through the soundwaves they create together. Not too far behind, in the shadows lurking, ZX finds himself being followed by a force known as Abbott’s Sphere. ZX’s dimension jumping is far from over as there is so much yet to be discovered, so with each jump there will be a new story to share.


ZX (Carlos Tschirley)

Once upon a time in a state far far away, Carlos was introduced to his first instrument, the drums, at the age of 9. He was also introduced to a piano and decided to give it a try and began making music.  The music spoke to Carlos, and he began playing in different bands throughout High School.  Carlos wanted more so he honed in on his talents and began producing music of his own at the age of 15.  Music gave Carlos a voice that manifested into ZX.  He performed shows during his teenage years.  Life happened and the music stopped.  In 2014 ZX embarked on a new journey without music, but little did ZX know he needed music and music needed him.   In 2020 ZX had met Mike, aka NinjaKnome, and became friends.  Music seemed to be a common interest between the two and they joined forces to create music and formed The Dimension Jumpers. 

Abbott's Sphere