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The Dimension Jumpers

The layer of our reality has been folded back. There is more, there is a landing below dropping into the momentary abyss of the unknown. The Dimension Jumpers are here to travel the safe parts of the world unknown. Close your eyes, open your mind and embrace the sound waves as we take you on the adventure that awaits. This is just the beginning.

How We Started!

In 2014 ZX walked through time and space, and at the end of 2020, he reappeared, landing in a new dimension.  The soundwaves from something unknown had opened a portal releasing ZX.

Our Newest Album

Upcoming Events

We are working hard on booking live shows in a dimension near you. Stay tuned for more updates

The Aquarium

226 Broadway Fargo, ND

April 30, 2022


The Aquarium

226 Broadway Fargo, ND

April 23, 2022

7PM - 1AM

The Aquarium

226 Broadway, Fargo, ND

January 15, 2022

7PM - 1AM

Drumconrath – DCR Brewing Company

DCR is 630 1st Ave N. Fargo, ND

November 24, 2021

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM